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The on-screen image changes to the Darks-1 luminosity mask. This made it easy to experiment and learn, but somewhat slow. Chris—The bit calculations in the V5 panel to make luminosity masks may or may not work in CS5 depending on if you have an early or late version of the software. Different data channels can be accessed with one click. I hate the default photoshop keyboard shortcut for turning it on and off.

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Please give that a try panle let me know if you have any questions Like Like. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Updated active selection indicator.

Basic tab The Basic tab provides an alternate interface for generating luminosity masks. Spectrum tab The Spectrum tab has buttons for creating luminosity masks and selections. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here While the Instructions PDF is meant to be an all-inclusive guide for using the panel, many people also benefit from a more visual reference.

The buttons in the "Channels" column make the listed mask s on the Channels panel. With your guidance blending is sooooo much easier. If so, do the actions and panel automatically remain installed after the upgrade or is something else that needs to be done?

Getting tkaactions to order the new V5 panel and training videos. This panel works independently of the Panep and remains the same. These selections help protect the lighter and darker tones around the selection from being affected by the adjustment. The coding indicates the type of action, such as using green for layers—creating a new layer, merging layers, creating a dodge layer, etc. Instead of one large mega-panel, the V5 is a series of modules. The Layers panel shows the few luminosity masks I used to correct basic tonal range on a black and white photo that was scanned from an old print.

Hi Tony, Love the new functionality. Creating and finding the right mask is easy.

The bottom of the panel has three tabs. The Zone masks in the V5 panel are meant to be narrow off-center midtone masks, and midtones, at least by my definition b4 luminosity masks discussed in my previous written tutorials, subtract off one Lights- and one Darks-series mask.

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TKActions V4 — A New Panel for Luminosity Masks and Beyond

Instead of a number of defined Lights and Darks masks, the possible number of luminosity masks tkzctions via the Levels dialog is infinite. For example, the Zone System is based on a gamma of 1. Users can now choose different active selection indicators to optimize how this feature displays on each module. My best, Guy Like Like.

The new panel is also much smaller. Thank you so much for this great TK panel!!! With that number in mind, I hover over either the Zone system numbers or the Multi-zone off-center selection numbers to find the number that comes closest, and choose that button tkzctions my mask.

TKActions v4 Panel & Luminosity Masks – Snaps & Scraps

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Anybody with Photoshop, or an application with similar features and access to the channels, can start using a basic luminosity mask to control adjustments and tint effects, and from observing, begin to understand how luminosity masks pznel different from other kinds of masking.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Sean Bagshaw Videos —Sean Bagshaw is a super-user of luminosity masks, and his video series The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks has helped many photographers learn to use luminosity masks successfully in their photographs. I will be contacting V4 customers in the future with upgrade options.

The on-screen image changes to the Lights-1 luminosity mask.

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