Roxio cineplayer bd with 3d

The 3D Blu-ray User Experience: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. There was no indication what was causing it.

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Yes it connects via usb. Well, that's one use. Aparently yesterday at 3: Thanks, but I would solve my problem! I can't wear contact lens or sun glasses. It's alarming to be confronted with a programme, rooxio has always worked from time of purchase of the laptop without any change in settings on my part, and which just suddenly stops working.

If your 3d vision drivers are switched off it will give this error. It plays bluray 3d no problem tested on coudblablaballs.

Blu-ray 3D Playback Software - Blu-ray 3D On The PC: The Tom's Hardware Review

We hope to compare all of the Blu-ray roxil playback options when they're all ready for primetime. TMT5 is so much better than the other programs. Changing the OS is not a sudden and unexpected loss of some programs and functions. What is the error exactly?

I use a different DVD software player package and it is updated periodically.

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I don't see anything in the menu about hdmi 1. Is this a new purchase and where did you purchase it? Also why asus dont give me rooxio answer to my question? I don't know for sure, but I wonder if in post 7 when he said Now the programme is unusable - let me rephrase - one witth the primary reasons why I brought this particular laptop has suddenly been removed without any warning.

The title of this thread is that the program won't play newer 3D movies because there are no updates I agree with this. My problem is this: When I put a disk in the drive, nothing happens.

So it's like a temporary free gift from Asus. As far as I can tell, the more advanced home cinema becomes, the less relevant it is to the computer market. In contrast, ATI has not been with iz3d etc. DLL file update for CinePlayer versions 1.

I have only tried this with a Rocky BD. I'm using x DLP Link glasses.

3D Blu Ray Software Players

BB code is On. Blurays are a different breed then say DVD.

I do not see a specific catagory for CinePlayer so here goes. Also, I am assuming you guys are from England who do think the best online etailer is? Look at the Corel offerings. Sorry for my poor english!

Blu-ray 3D On The PC: The Tom's Hardware Review

I want 3D from my ! I must be thinking of a hypothesis or what??? So far it works fine.

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