Smugglaz shehyee vs loonie abra

Smugglaz gives a wavy hand a lot, as if to inform his opponents that their lines are sub-par. I think this was the most hyped battle I've ever seen and I didn't understand most of it. I noticed Smugglaz likes to clap like a seal or retarded Loe Pesci after a lot of punchlines, regardless of who they're from including his own at one point. Honestly I have fun watching these battles.

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This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia - https: Hoy Tanga - cue c with lyrics. Granted even FlipTop events are still giant sausage fests, but Anygma is there probably getting laid between battles with the five girls in the whole venue.

English Words Heard In This Round Next time, critical condition, "President of battle rap", no excuses, wow, action star, social status, limited rice, limited fries, unlimited guys, bottomless coke, K. Shit starts getting physical, like Dose's hat on Math physical. Ikapito sa Walong Sumpa - Lyrics by Smugglaz.

The song is a tribute to her late father who was murdered. Mann - Buzzin Official Audio.

FAJDas Favorites: FlipTop - Loonie/Abra vs Shehyee/Smugglaz @ Dos Por Dos Tournament

Not sure what the fu- Smugglaz name is chanted again and Loone Abra is left out of said chant but doesn't hesitate to hug-slap his partner. DOS may also refer to: I'm seeing a trend here The crowd ate it up like a baby playing with cheerios on the floor.

Smugglaz - 7 Curse of Shockra. I didn't limit myself. Smugglaz Before the battles.

Shehyee - Flash Forward produced by Jim P. Dello - Minsan Parang Tanga Lang. These two are on fire.

The Time I Watched The Most Viewed Battle Ever : rapbattles

Anygma is such a boss in the Philippines that he can stand in front of a classic rap battle blocking smugglwz of the audience's view and no one will give him shit for it. The same verb also gave rise to tornei modern English tourneymodern French tournoi.

I gave myself the luxury of lonie, because it was important not to repeat what I'd done. The Old French verb in origin meant "to jousttilt", but it came to refer to the knightly tournament more generally, while joster "approach, meet" became the technical term for jousting specifically also adopted in English before While Loonie and Abra's freeze frame played out one two minute instrumental, the team that wasn't Loonie and friend got two different instrumentals.

Abra - Gayuma Official Music Video ft. For example, many times, instead of accordions, we experimented with winds. Jskillz VS Jawtee bobo part 1.

Loonie / Abra vs Shehyee / Smugglaz

Constructive criticism is nice coming from your adversaries. J Skillz - Producer's Swapmeet vs. Long Distance - Bruno Mars. Not Smugglaz and Shehyee have a shorter than usual round and are downgraded by me to not be named anymore.

Move If U Wana.

Shehyee / Smugglaz vs Loonie / Abra

Denmark- Crazy mix vs Abrs -idol - d best ang idol ko. Not Smugglaz and friend disappoint the crowd when they cut their round off, and we go straight to the judge's decision from there. Jskillz, Mike Kosa and Gloc 9. Boom Karakaraka - Vice Ganda feat. The Abra was an Italian motorcycle that was manufactured from to Ipagpatawad Mo Gloc 9.

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