Tamikrest adagh

I was a child, and I used to hide in amongst the rocks with the other women and children, just a few kilometres north of the village over the Algerian border. Achaka Achail Aynaian Daghchilan 2. Echoes of dub, blues, psychedelia, funk and even art-rock are seamlessly weaved by Tamikrest into their increasingly individual take on the Tuareg musical tradition. Imanin bas zihoun Find out more about our use of this data , and also our policy on profanity.

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Achaka Achail Aynaian Daghchilan 2.

But above all, revolutionary songs, about what we see, about what the government is doing to our people, which makes no sense to me. Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language. Just like Tinariwen Tamikrest have found a way to translate the pulse of the Tamiirest — whose roots lie in North Africa — back to the Tuareg language Tamaschek.

Tamikrest: Adagh

There was no other music. But we found each other and we had the same ideas, the same intentions. They had new tastes, new desires, new ambitions and Tamikrest was their band. It was this generation of Touareg men, known as the ishumar, who returned to Mali and Niger in to rebel against the callousness, corruption and arrogance of the governments in the distant capitals of Bamako and Niamey.

Then this French theatre troupe called La Calma arrived in town and enrolled over fifty young people to perform a massive theatre piece featuring sketches about a host of local issues. Poulo Warali by Awa Poulo.

Adagh | Tamikrest

Full Tamikrest CD discography. At first Ousmane just listened to traditional Touareg music at home, and the newer guitar music on battered old cassettes. But it was only later that I realised that a musician can play that role.

The music on the album has deep roots in the Tuareg tradition, but it burns with a brilliant, modern flame. There are a few discreet and respectful contributions from members of the American band Dirtmusic, who Tamikrest met at the well-known Festival in the Desert in Hama bought the school an acoustic guitar, and Ousmane adopted the instrument.

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If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page. Then when I was five years old the rebellion broke out.

Links Reviews available at www. They knew the Tamashek guitar style intimately, but they were also deeply into rap, metal, Maghrebi pop and afro-disco music from Ivory Coast.

Yet the Sahara, and the people who live there, is always firmly at its heart. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That changed my musical vision completely and I stopped to classify music. When Tamikrest was founded inthe tsmikrest were all in their early twenties.

For this reason it became a military no-go zone. Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity.

Tamikrest – Adagh

Pino was quite a mover and shaker. The rains had failed for several seasons and the village was haunted by famine. Their reputations grew very slowly, steadily, without wild leaps or fanfares. Those who wanted to join the rebels had already done so.

The band found the money to transport themselves the miles eastward to Timbuktu. I wanted to be capable of expressing the hurt I felt in my heart, and speak out about the situation, even at the United Nations. Tisnant an Chatma I was a child, and I used to hide in amongst the rocks with the other women and children, just a few kilometres north of the village over the Algerian border.

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