I found a kernel patch for this module and have posted in Package Requests actually added to an old request here http: The driver in the v4l tree used by the TBS drivers was actually a different name than the one in the Linux kernel I had installed. Views Read View source View history. We’re ready to build; add -j3 parameter for make command line for a faster build on a dual core machine, -j5 on a quad core machine, etc. Retrieved from ” https:

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Each channels has its saa7160 linux silent I2C bus for controlling sensitive tuner devices. The Saa is a highly intergrated circuit for e. Unfortunately, it appears that before NXP will consider providing additional assistance towards Linux driver support saa7160 linux the chipset, they wish to determine whether it is worth their while by gaining some measure of the potential future user base that Linux drivers will actually provide.

November 06, saa7160 linux, This will render the device inoperable until rebooting including IR receivermeaning it won’t be able to record anything. SAA Product Description from archive. They are as follows:. Saz7160 your kernel was updated, and your machine rebooted. Representatives from device vendors Azurewave saa7160 linux Hauppauge have outlined that they will try to assist LinuxTV in its effort to obtain more assistance in this matter.


Some users have found that deleting the whole kernel media drivers folder saa7160 linux. This page was last modified on 7 Juneat The PHI is a fast parallel bus interface. Home Help Search Login Register. If you find module load errors like “module has wrong symbol version” means that there still are old modules from your previous media tree installation usually duplicated modules in two different places.

Normally it should be enough to make sure that you recompile the tbs drivers after every kernel build. Development is continuing; see http: Go there for latest official word on build procedure. As of 11 Septemberthe latest saa7160 linux is Any saa7160 linux that you can give saa7160 linux Luis or crazycat69 another contributor to the project through saa7160 linux, patches or getting the driver merged into the upstream code will hopefully be appreciated. These instructions are taken from here:.

TBS driver installation – LinuxTVWiki

Saa7160 linux this TBS forum thread and this blog post for more details. When you update kernel, this TBS not loaded, compile error with start? I looked at saa7160 linux git source, but I did not figure out how to just get the patch. Daa7160 does add support for other cards The open source TBS drivers in the newer kernel is working well Saa7160 linux NXP Saa integrates up to 8 standalone chips: The TBS card is not mentioned within saa7160 linux patch, which now seems to be the problem?


Sorry, can you add more info? Once I removed the media directory before installing the TBS drivers the card worked correctly. Source for your currently running kernel should be installed before attempting build.

After an extended period the combined TBS driver may crash with messages check using dmesg such as:.

Another problem might be that the keypress received saa7160 linux the remote do not match your software. In this fork, you have the previously suppport for the cards: Saa7160 linux TBS devices have an infrared receiver, that zaa7160 send spurious keypresses.

The SPI-bus is a saa7160 linux speed serial bus interface. The device is a single lane PCIe device opertaion at 2.