The Nautiz X5 is also a feature-rich device. Nautiz X5 USB cable. Click Here To Download: Sealing — the ability to keep out dust and water — is crucial for a handheld computer. Desktop cradle, standard Vehicle mount 12V Vehicle charger. And whereas the Block Recognizer lets you shift case, the Letter Recognizer, which goes back to a product called “Jot” by CIC Communication Intelligence Corporation, has different data entry boxes for upper case, lower case and numerals. For data entry, Windows Mobile offers a wealth of options.

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The whole package runs Windows Mobile 6. The X5’s nautuz quality is excellent, nautiz x5 actually better than that of most of today’s tiny dedicated phones. The housing is very sturdy and looks to be of high nautiz x5 inside and out, with excellent fit and finish.

It also includes PIM applications, mail, web browsing, Windows Messenger, a picture viewer and a good number of control nautiz x5. The camera can take pictures with resolutions ranging from x pixels all the way up to full x pixels. nautiz x5

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Needless to say, to nautiz x5 a note you’ll have to use the Nautiz X5 with headphones and with nautiz x5 speakerphone on. The contactless electronic link between the card and the reader allows for the quick interface required for security hautiz payment systems. In video mode you can record at x pixels and set limits 15 seconds or 30 seconds.

Wired connectivity is all via dock.


Nautiz x5 is a full-function Pocket PC with mobile versions of Office apps as well as email, messaging, browsing and numerous utilities. Or you can create a new Contacts entry automatically. The Nautiz X5’s integrated camera nautiz x5 snap images with resolutions of up to three megapixel.

Nautiz X5 rugged PDA on Vimeo

It is built around Microsoft Nautiz x5 Mobile 6. And it is easy to use and practical. Cookies This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. With Windows Mobile 6.

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You can also configure settings for all supported symbologies, and there is a panel to configure fix, volume and mode. Overall, the Nautiz X5’s combination of powerful nautiz x5 edge technology, a high-res display, a variety of advanced data capture and communications functions, and a tough but still compact housing make nautiz x5 nautzi excellent multi-function computer and communicator for many commercial and industrial jobs.

Nautiz x5 Nautiz X5 is designed to provide everything you need for optimum in-the-field computing naufiz — a total package of unmatched capabilities in a rugged format. It is powerful enough to run complex applications, and tough and rugged enough to nxutiz suitable nautiz x5 just about any outdoor job where performance, flexibility and an all-day battery nwutiz.

Communication and connectivity Like most mobile devices today, the Nautiz X5 can connect in a variety of ways. Finally, this handheld is nautiz x5 and mobile enough to take anywhere. Click Here To Download: Screen brightness can be adjusted in 16 steps from full bright down to fairly dim, and you can also turn the backlight off via key.


To the right are the phone hangup, backspace, return and function nautiz x5.

Also standard are integrated Bluetooth and Check here or here for a description of Security Authentication Module technology. And since this is what used z5 be called the Pocket PC Phone Edition, you’re not just adding cell phone capability to a nautiz x5 PDA; the wireless capabilities are natuiz deeply into the device.

Specification Size mm 6. It weighs only grams and fits nautiz x5 in your hand. Sealing — the ability to keep out dust and water — is crucial for a nauiz computer. A peek inside Since we usually cannot resist taking a peek inside the rugged systems we review, below is a look at the guts of the Nautiz X5. The slightly abstracted alphabet is quite easy to learn. There is a nice pop-up keyboard and three are also nautiz x5 fewer than three different ways of recognizing text.

We can help you make the right nautiz x5 choices as well as guide you in choosing the best printer for your application. For operation naitiz stylus, the Nautiz X5 comes with a 4-inch fixed metal stylus with nylon tip. The Nautiz X5 carries an IP65 ingress protection nautiz x5.