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Olympus Sonority is audio management software that is used alongside the digital recorder to help you get the most out of them. You can also edit and re-record, adding your own thoughts to recordings. You can erase noise, adjust sound effects and divide files, to name a few options.

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Can also be used with the LS and LS Rec Mic II Series. DS Olympus Mobile App.

Olympus Sonority software allows you to work with your recordings and organise your work, helping you to use your recordings more efficiently. Using Sonority you can rename and organise files and folders, also create new subfolders to organise your files. Sorry, the products you compare must be the same product type.

Buy online Where to buy. Change your recorder menu settings via PC. They also allow you to record your own thoughts and ideas by voice instead of having to write them down. Index marks can be placed while recording or during playback, these sotware digital tags that allow you to skip forwards and backwards within sonorty to pre-selected points. Buy Now Contact Us.

Additionally a Music Editing Plugins can be purchased, enable e. A recorded dictation file can be converted to text automatically using voice recognition software.

See all Olympus Products. Please remove a product to use the product comparison tool. The software allows for uploading, organizing, and emailing of audio files and direct downloading of podcasts. Audio and mp3 CDs can also be created. Product Guide Product Comparison.

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Customer Support Choose a support topic from below. You appear to be browsing this site using Internet Explorer 6. Using waveform editing mode, audio data can be edited, sections can be cut and pasted or deleted and be rearranged very easily.

Sorry, the products you compare must be the same product type Please remove a product to use the product comparison tool. For safer, more reliable browsing it is recommended that you upgrade your browser to one of sonirity browsers: Please enable Javascript to use the dealer locator!

The Olympus Sonority software included with the Olympus Digital Voice Recorders lets you connect your recorder to a PC to transfer, manage and edit audio files.

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All rights reserved - VIP. Our expert Assistive Technology trainers can show you how to get the best out of Olympus Sonority and show you how to use Sonority to its maximum potential. It can be used to control recording volume, speed and duration, it is compatible with MP3, WAV and WMA formats, and files can be converted and transferred between formats.

Other useful features include: The Sonority software provides the management of audio files, several oljmpus functions and several Web services like RSS Informations and Podcast Channels. Email audio files Supports web services such as RSS information and podcast channels. For safer, more reliable browsing it is recommended that you upgrade your browser to one of these browsers:.

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Your recordings can be downloaded quickly, all that you need to do is plug your digital recorder in and it will automatically download your files and delete the originals. Moreover, the Plus Version which can be purchased online, adds the MP3 editing and Audio CD writing features and in addition to Plus Version, a Music Editing Plugins can be purchased which enables more than 20 advanced additional effects and multiple tracks editing capabilities.

They are particularly helpful to record lectures, allowing you to review the recordings later and create somority own notes. It has several editing functions; you can erase noise and adjust sound effects.

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