What happens when I sign up? How to troubleshoot and get it up and running again? Android already has a wide range of form and size factors, Apple has recently added newer sizes to their product lines, and developers are working with Adaptive UIs. Once you're done spec'ing, click at the bottom of the Specctr panel on the Upload Beta button.

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Sync annotated designs to Specctr Cloud. System requirments, installation help and more Frequently asked questions. Share annotated designs with developers and other designers. Email your self the latest download link.

Do you have suggestions on how we can spefctr Specctr better?

Specctr | ProjectsBeta

CC and CS6 1. Add your name to our mailing list. Choosing the Right Spec'ing Tool. Precise width and height, on the left, right, bottom or top. Search all of our help articles, and forums.

Speccyr to troubleshoot and get it up and running again? Let us know about it! Do you want to get updates on our products, design tips and more? New options and settings to accommodate both web and print projects. Rename, delete and add custom cover images to your project folders all on Specctr Cloud. Log in to cloud.

To leave us feedback visit our community page. It's a s;ecctr new way of working together. It's a game changer Change how your team works with these features.

Make it Spectacular: Choosing the Right Spec'ing Tool

The plugin creates a separate layer that can be hidden or removed as needed. You can also create a physical documentation by using one of the tools in the Markly toolbar, and add distance specification marks by clicking and dragging between objects. This is still in Beta and would love your feedback on how we can improve.

Download Specctr installer 2.

Using the panel you upload your specs to Specctr Cloud. Add custom notes to give extra details to any element. See your Projects on Specctr Cloud Log into cloud.

Speccctr our help center. No more emailing pdfs and jpegs. Enter your digit license key to activate 7. Log in with your user name and password 6. Join Specctr for free! Once you're done spec'ing, click at the bottom of the Specctr panel on the Upload Beta button. Join our mailing list and specchr the first to hear about what we are doing next. We are working on a new way to stay insync with your design team by being able to share assets and styles.

It's for print design too! Spec paragraph and text styles, including line height and letter spacing. You can also define which properties you want to show for a particular layer.

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