Podbot 2.5 for cs 1.3

If you've got questions not answered here, please use the waypoint forum at nuclearbox: During the checking time CS freezes and depending on the speed of your computer it could easily last for a minute. This is necessary in some cases where you may have a door that opens from one side and allows you to go through but once the door closes you can't go back through the other way. The waypoint in the middle of the window was probably set with the intention to help the Bot with navigating through it.

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The Bots will try to take cover at waypoints not seen by the enemy and the one with the smallest wayzone radius in their range 4. At the top of the ladder you should place another ladder waypoint.

Bots United - Filebase » Waypoints » POD-Bot waypoints

Try to limit the choices that they have to keep them from heading off in the wrong direction. The waypoint in the middle of the window was probably set with the intention to help the Bot with navigating through it. To turn autowaypointing on use " autowaypoint on ". The waypoints are displayed using vertical lines that look like lightning or electric streams. During the checking time CS freezes and depending on the speed of your computer it could easily last for a minute.

Now you need to have more important waypoints for the Home Team, because the Away Team will go for them anyway. The " pathwaypoint delete x " command is just like the "add" command except that it removes a path connection from the starting point to the ending point. A Camp Waypoint where the Bot will duck while camping. The average number of 'Home Team' Important Waypoints should be about twice as much as the the important waypoints for the 'Away Team'.

How to Add Bots in "Counter-Strike"

There's pofbot one-way connection from the upper waypoint to the ladder waypoint at an angle where the Bot won't use the ladder resulting in broken legsthere's no connection from the ladder waypoint to podbott top and worst of all would be the only Path Bots could take to reach this position. In addition the CT Waypoint and the normal waypoint are much to close together. The Bots have a hardcoded radius inside my DLL where the Bot thinks he reached this precious waypoints.

Here's an example of console commands that I use when editing waypoints I can imagine looking at this scenario that the waypointer thought something like this: I tried using 's' for "save waypoints"but I kept hitting 's' by mistake when I wanted to add or delete a waypoint. This prevents you from accidentally removing a waypoint on the other side of the room.

Now look at this. This behaviour changes with the maptype, in a CS map for example it is vice versa. Brought to you by Techwalla. You should now see a white waypoint path line being draw from the start waypoint to the end waypoint.

POD-BOT file - Counter Strike - Mod DB

This allows you to fly and you don't collide with walls. Just because a path is drawn from point A to point B, doesn't mean that a path exists from point B to point A.

Look at that biiig wayzone assigned to this waypoint. It would be better to delete the waypoint in the window and just connect the waypoint in front of the window with the one behind it.

Usually you don't have to be too careful about waypoint placement, but in some situations, you may have to spend more time carefully laying out waypoints to get them to be "reachable" ladders are a good example. The bots will ONLY move from one waypoint to another if there is a path between them. Using " waypoint save " will save the waypoint data to the waypoint file. Use 'waypoint find x' where x is the number of the waypoint you want to find. Type 'waypoint find -1' to turn it off.

You certainly noticed, I don't have different paths for different teams. So if you want to place lots of waypoints fairly close together you may have to manually place some of the waypoints using the " waypoint add " command. The Bots will automatically shoot them if it's blocking their way, just make 25.

that the path connection goes right through the breakable. If they are stuck somewhere on a map, it's usually the fault of cd waypoint file creator The " pathwaypoint " command allows you to display what the bots would consider to be a valid path from one waypoint to other waypoints.

If the ladder is quite a long one, you might want to place another ladder waypoint in between the other ones.

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