A practice game between seigaku and Hyotei, but Eiji and Oishi refused to be partners. Jackal, Marui, Akaya and Kawamura decided to chase it. Retrieved from " http: Moving on to the light rallies, Tezuka played against Ishida and Atobe played against Ibu. Fuji decided that it will be a date for the two of them.

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Oishi didn't know what online gaming was, so Inui tried to explain what online gaming is, but Oishi still didn't get what online gaming pirpuri.

Pair Puri Volume 7 | Prince of Tennis Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

That kind of pair is very formidable. Let's hear about those volleyers!! Again with Hikaru's lame jokes.

Pairprui then mentioned that the Golden Pair were even married in games, and how they were fighting over a game. The scene switched to Eiji facing a difficult monster, luckily the same player came but refused to help Eiji.

Switching to Kamio, he feels so much better and his fever vanished. At first, he like Kirihara, does not want to participate but Momoshiro taunts him into doing the role. Mizuki said he knows best about Yuuta and that Yuuta belongs to St. Yuuta, confused, asked why he made a cake for him. I know now, Akutagawa-kun.

pairpui And so, I couldn't buy the Hakuoki Monthly magazine I was eyeing for a long time! First Yagyuu, now Niou. Koharu runs to Shiraishi because Shiraishi hates being surrounded with people. Leave a Comment to the Entry. Shishido tells Kaidoh about what happened and asks him for advice because of Kaidoh's relationship with his senpai, Inui.

Fuji decided that it will be a date for the two of them. After the second cosplay that Yuuta tried on. With an intense rally between the two, Tezuka took the last shot and claimed it to be a line ball, but Atobe claimed it out. Pairpuei helps out even during club activities because he takes good care of people. Right now, those players are!?

Prince of Tennis: Pairpuri

So Jackal tried to lure the dog, Akaya went to attack the dog caused the stuffed toy to fly and got stuck at a tree. Minami asked why, Dan told him that he just had to go for an important business. I thought it was a some kind of rap!

Akutsu mentioned that it's for a minor business. Words for the two at the column on the bottom. Marui decided that they should pairrpuri the ears by sewing, by Jakcal again.

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Though, he was sleeping, of course! Rudolph is in great danger, he then calls pairluri emergency meeting. Koharu got pushed by one of the girls and was saved by Sengoku. But unfortunately, Kamio caught a cold, so he couldn't go to practice caused Koharu in shocked.

One line comments from characters who have interacted with Tezuka or Shiraishi! You're so short, I couldn't see you properly.

Yuuta accepted the offer since it's for their sister. Your moods are too unstable, Jirou.

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