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This does not preclude the presence of spaces or non-alphabetic characters within the search key. I'm just after the long talk with PayPal guys. I have to index product names there a word often is only relevant if it's the first one. Hi, I'm using iX to index a book and running into an issue.

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I know that my reg. That's a serious limitation. Yes, the "footnote bug" is a known issue of InDesign CS3 not from my script! According to page 28 of your manual, IndexMatic automatically creates a set of character and paragraph styles for the different components of the indx snippet.

IndexMatic 2 : a powerful and highly configurable word-indexing tool

So my question is what is the best approach for your script? So, when you have several items based on the same plural transformation, you can easily factorize the keys as follows:.

I know that Marc has noted in the past about providing a script that will convert the page numbers to hyperlinks Please, contact me at support at indiscripts dot com. To get extended results, you have to select the Single Query or Query List mode in order to send your own command s.

I can imagine a sentence that says "the two al-Nasirs' reigns" or "both Muhammads' reigns. If this still does not work, please contact me privately at: Indiscripts - InDesign Scripting Playground.

I found that the entries are arranged, under this negative option, in the inverse order: Then right-click the Application folder if you need the script to be used by all users, or the User folder if you need the script to be used only by the current user.

Sorry, the bug has been fixed only with CS4. What would the query look like if the company name includes also words that are within brackets i. Other beta-testers reported the same issue and I already fixed that bug in my WIP version.

What I would like to do is grab each individual reference, not prk constituent parts. A very few features are disabled:. For example, with the default settings Whole Word active the query back pay finds any occurrence of "back pay", but ignores a string such as: Des scripts permettent de le faire facilement http: There could be a flag to put in queries in which these equivalencies are not to apply. When I try to select the relevant character style sheet in the Indexmatic dialogue box, many of the character style sheet names including the one I need to use!

Thanks again for your help. Just remembered idexmatic else: The full version number is displayed at the bottom right of the main dialog. There is an InDesign document full with names.

Dont get me wrong I want to pull the product name and code number from each listing to create each entry for the index. Merci indexmaic votre excellente contribution. Hence, you can easily 'backup' the relationship between each pattern and the found terms. Stripped 8 using the Query-based option?

IndexMatic 2 : a powerful and highly configurable word-indexing tool

It could perhaps also be told to alert me to spellings that use different letters i. Indiscripts Products Snippets Tips Extras?

Is IM2 compatible with InD yet?

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