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I want my kids to know how much they made me laugh… 6. After running the Merge action, adjust the opacity of that one layer and turn on and use any black mask or optional layers that you had turned off. Download the free action here.

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There is a clip with Sasha in a pink dress on the beach.

So special thanks to my mom and my husband for filming those parts. There were a few exceptions… for example, there is actioh part where Sophie opens the blinds love that part.

More information about me can be found at my About pageor by visiting my personal blog. Remember me for 2 weeks.

Welcome to the Florabella Textures Video Workshop! Please feel free peruse the site and definitely let us know if you have any questions. Florabella Action Mixer actions help you combine actions at different opacities above your background image.

Florabella Action Mixer Action Review and Tutorial

February 16, at 1: Then run the Merge action. Adjust the layer opacity of the top action layer so that you can see the action layer below it.

Also how to reduce the opacity of the entire action. After running the Merge action, adjust the opacity of that one layer and turn on and use any black florabbella or optional layers that you had turned off.

In the example below, I turned on the Lesson Reds layer, used a white brush and brushed on areas that flogabella too reddish. Below are the steps I took when running two fairly long actions on a snapshot of my daughter. The Challenges PDF contains optional challenges. The only thing missing is the final shot of your girl. February 17, at 4: Aciton free for a limited time at http: And you can even edit it using iMovie on your iPad. You can hear me laughing at the end.

Do you have PSE? The rest are start to finish editing demonstrations.

At the top of the main workshop page, you will find 6 links to helpful tips and tricks documents. I cry every time during this part of the video. I love her dimples… Edited with Florabella Muse Actions: Your one year access term starts today. Or use it to run a few of your favorite actions to compare or combine on the same background image. The action will turn off the recent action layer and prompt you to run another action.

The top four are instructional videos which should be watched in order. The first draft of the video included only clips of the kids.

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You can also adjust the opacity of one or more actions right on top of your background image without having to adjust individual layers. We were looking for two things on the beach: I want my kids to know how much they made me laugh….

Flatten and discard any hidden layers you ended up not using.

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