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Either way, I'm excited to see what the future holds for this great songwriter, and will be enjoying Resolutions in the meantime. Opening with these two tracks is a nice way to reel in fans of his past work, but at the same time might cause some to dismiss Resolutions as more of the same, as I initially did. I hope we can do more.

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Previous Review All Teeth: The camaraderie and fearlessness that Chuck develops on those tours is truly infectious.

Dave Hause Resolutions - Dave Hause

Resolutions contains some of the finest songs Hause has written yet, and the way I see it, leaves two big possibilities for the next Loved Ones release: How much would you do differently — if anything — given the chance to tackle Resolutions and that period of your career again?

The next song, "Meet Me at the Lanes" is where things really take off.

Xtra Mile Recordings Brad Barrett: I hope we can do more. The songs he's written, while easily identifiable from each period or project, are attached by a throughline of honesty and devotion. I figured we could leave some of the axe marks in the wood, and that not everything needed to be sanded perfectly. How much of an impact did the Revival Tours in and make on you as a solo performer? We also have a few copies of the 'C'Mon Kid' 7" too. That song is what it is, and is useful to whoever needs it at the time.

It reset things by accident. Is Resolutions at all like that? Largely upbeat in sound with memorable electric guitar lines, some piano, organ, and a few other surprises placed upon its acoustic roots, the album's heart is in Dave's stinging lyrics.

Dave Hause on Resolutions — Xtra Mile Recordings

It took a few spins for Dave Hause's debut resolutiond full-length, Resolutionsto click, but when it clicked, it clicked hard. Cringing later at your vulnerability is lame.

As one of many who wrote and performed songs solo after years of being in punk bands, did you resolutionz any pressure to either redefine your songwriting or acknowledge that past? After a few cursory listens, I dismissed it as sounding like nothing more than acoustic Loved Ones songs. It was a love letter to my new dqve nephew and niece. Dave Hause has been on the road most of his life. Do you tend to listen back to your records and what was your reaction to the last time you listened to Resolutions?

When you look back at the time Resolutions was being made, what stands out most?

Does this make listening to and playing older songs a challenge? It was really fun.


It makes it a unique sound. Either way, I'm excited to see what the future holds for this great songwriter, and will be enjoying Resolutions in the meantime. That is really charming and fun to hear. Absolutely not - I think it's an excellent song. How does Resolutions fit into your overall body of work — does it feel like progress to you or a reset?

I would say so, yeah. I wanted the thing I spend the most time on to get its proper day in the sun.

He released third solo album Bury Me In Philly in Februarysix years after debut album Resolutions13 years after forming punk band The Loved Ones, and almost 20 years since releasing his first album with his band Step Ahead.

It was a really pure resolutiohs in time.

Lyrically, you didn't shy away from the personal on your first solo album and that still remains the case. It wasn't until I gave the record my full attention that I realized how great and diverse it actually is. We did the heavy sanding and polishing on Devour though.

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